Comedy / Performance / 24-25 April 2015


Tickets: 16/14
Show Time: 8.00pm

Having packed out theatres in Edinburgh, Cork and Australia, the fame-obsessed Strut brothers are back in Dublin!
Join Ireland’s most emotional dancers as they share their bullet-proof secret to life and happiness.
Two brothers, who think they are celebrities, have a new plan to get to the top and that is by sharing their secret to life and success.
In a motivational, semi-nude, breathtakingly funny show, watch Sean and Seamus hold it together as they dance and bicker through an hour of physical and meta-physical comedy.
Lords of Strut are Cian Kinsella and Cormac Mohally, playing the characters of Sean-tastic and Famous Seamus.
Kinsella and Mohally started out as street performers and have been mixing street theatre and indoor theatre to create very involved and energetic shows.
With Chaos, they have teamed up with theatre director Pat Kiernan (Corcadorca Theatre Company) to bring alive the world of the Lords of Strut.
Often seen livening up the streets with their mobile DJ sound system … pushed around in a shopping trolley!


Writers: Cian Kinsella, Cormac Mohally, Pat Kiernan
Director: Pat Kiernan
Comedic Mentor: Patrick De Valette
Choreographer and Mentor: Adrianne Truscott
Cast: Cian Kinsella, Cormac Mohally


“an hour of belly laughs”
The Irish Times
“Salacious, silly and bonkers – absolutely bonkers!”
Adelaide Advertiser
“If Michael Flatley and Jim Carrey had a sado-masochistic love child, [The Lords of Strut] would be it”
Elle Magazine
“Imagine Derek Zoolander if he was from Cork. And he had a brother.”


Bringing a group?
Discounted rates are available for groups of 8 people or more.
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Duration: 60 min
Suitable ages 16+
Contains semi-nudity

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