Performance / 08-14 September 2013


Tickets: 14/12/10
Show Time: 6.15pm

PaperDolls have taken to their bed! The bed, the leaba, the doss! A cot, a bunk, a bunker: a hideout, a retreat. The bed hosts peaceful sleepy dreaming, pleasure and rest, and harvests quiet nightmares, anxiety, fears, illness, sadness and death. In their retreat from the world outside, PaperDolls construct a fantasy reality where thoughts and dreams run riot. What makes us want to close our doors and take comfort in imaginary lives? PaperDolls present their new production BUNK, a fantastical aerial circus show about the threshold of internal and external worlds – and a bed!
Bunk was commissioned by Dublin Fringe Festival and Project Arts Centre through the Spirit of the Fringe Award 2012 in collaboration with Spraoi International Street Arts Festival fund Spraoi Create.

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