02-02 August 2008


Tickets: 8

The Boys Who Experiment is cutting edge selection of experimental shorts showcasing three visionary film-makers. In Lior Shamriz’s excellent ‘JAPAN JAPAN,’ dreams of foreign lands mix with homosexual rites of passage, in this explicit Israeli tale of a young student’s new life after a move to the big city of Tel Aviv. Shamriz’s hardcore “pop video” style is also used to great effect in ‘ZAYIN,’ a film where Arabic homosexual pornography is explored in context of the war on terror. The themes in Shamriz’s work are added to by X’Ho’s provocative Singaporean short, ‘Allen Ginsberg Gives Great Head’, which confronts local censorship laws head-on. This is followed by Arnold Pasquier’s sublime French vision of wordless love, ‘Pendant Ce Temps, Dans une Autre Partie de la Foret.’ The 16th Dublin International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival One of the strongest showcases of new LGBT cinema in Europe, the Dublin International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival provides a great focal point to meet, discuss and enjoy great queer cinema from home and around the world.

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