Performance / 24-24 April 2014


Tickets: 15/12

Live Collision Festival Pass: All three nights show in Project - Cube for just €30! (Book before 16 April.) Contact our box office on 01-8819613 for more information.

Show Time: 8.15pm

These two performances are on back-to-back as part of a DOUBLE BILL. Both performances are included in the ticket price. Alternatively, you can buy tickets for all three DOUBLE BILLS with the Live Collision Festival Pass for €30, if you book before 16 April – contact our box office on 01-8819613 for more information.
THIS IS MY BODY – Veronica Dyas
A Live Art Performance Work
Writen and Performed by Veronica Dyas
Video by Jose Miguel Jimenez
They say she holds the key to sovereignty in her person. I have marked mine on my body. 136,564*, all marked, somehow on their bodies too. Rituals to end cycles, markings to etch truths. Watching the raising of the bread I become a pilgrim, an unlikely pilgrim. Burst into tears, for that loss held in my body. The traumas too, the one, the two. She felt it all in her body before she knew. I walked across a county to learn how to be here, carried the weight of it, until I could let it go.  Let it all go. This is my body. I see mySelf. Here & Now. J’essaie. I’ve been trying.
*Now 136,564 Residential Mortgages in Arrears of 90 days or more, Central Bank of Ireland 4th March 2014.
WHEN WE WERE BIRDS – Anna Furse (Athletes of the Heart)
A bold new multi-media performance work on the artist’s body of memory, set against the backdrop and music of the 60s
Directed and performed by Anna Furse
Produced by Paula Van Hagen
Creative collaborators: Esther Linley (research & development), Lucy Cash(videography), Graeme Miller (soundscape)
Vietnam the pill the miniskirt the Beatles injury blood sweat tears physiotherapy the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia the Giselle mad scene Paris 1968 self starvation greasepaint gig swans kisses arabesques periods nicotine strikes pirouettes blisters dope Tchaikovsky hippies false eyelashes chocolate chicks…
We have wanted to understand what is actually going on at that moment when the body moves and memories are ignited. We have wanted to understand how action enables us to us know who we are. We have wanted to understand the time when we were birds…
When We Were Birds is an inspirational performance work exploring the body of memory in general and the dancer’s body of memory in particular.
Through the medium of the dancers’ ageing bodies and against a backdrop of discussion and debate between the project’s collaborators, advisers and audience, we aim to creatively consider what is actually going on at that moment when in the act of recovering a dance the body moves and the individual re-members herself…

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