Live Art / 26-26 April 2024


Tickets: €16 / €14

Buy a special two event ticket for Friday at Live Collision International Festival for €25! This includes a ticket for both BLACKMAGICRAWW and Vitoria.

Show Time: 7pm

Africanfuturism meets sensual pop with BLACKMAGICRAWR

Emerging from a winter nestled in the heart of Ireland, the group comprising Cami, Osaro, Renn & Sal (music and visual production) delve into uncharted territories, melding Afro-Futurism with tantalizing pop vibes. As spring blossoms, BLACKMAGICRAWR will envelop us in a blaze of sonic intimacy that will leave us rocking to our core, unleashing a symphony of industrial beats and avant-garde expressions, promising an electrifying journey into the depths of sonic sensuality.

This event is part of Live Collision International Festival 2024.


This event will have an ISL interpreter.

If you require assistance for your visit, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call 01 8819 613. You can find the latest information about Project’s accessibility here.


Live Collision is funded by The Arts Council and Dublin City Council Arts Office.

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