Performance / 01-01 December 2016


Tickets: 8/7
Show Time: 9.30pm

BITE SIZE // SCRATCH is a curated fast and furious look at the current new blood / next generation artists who are making dynamic new work in Ireland.
Irish artists and companies have limited opportunities to scratch live work, and Irish audiences have limited opportunities to engage in live processes ahead of final works. Therefore, Live Collision has curated a selection of companies to present as part of BITE SIZE // SCRATCH.
Live Collision is excited to see this work sit alongside the rich and varied programme of the festival which is a truly intergenerational programme of live work across disciplines; and a festival programme that evidences artists practice both before and after ‘shows’ happen.
Live Collision audiences are critically engaged and they look forward to welcoming them to this new work.
Artists include: Seán Kennedy (maker of BOY), Isadora Epstein with The Vision Cycle and MALAPROP, a Dublin-based collective of emerging theatre makers. Winners of the 2015 Spirit of Fringe Award for LOVE+.
Seán Kennedy presents THIS
Scratch Performance
Fatherhood. I’m not a father. I won’t be a father. I won’t ever do that, so don’t ask me. And at night I sometimes still dream about him and it horrifies me.
Are you tired? Do you know where you’re going?
Let me get into bed, let me just sit on the couch. Let me eat this scone for a minute. Let me have this day. Let me not remember. Let me not feel sad.
I’ll sing this aria for you. It’s the only thing I can do.
But it’s not a recital, and I definitely won’t be wearing a suit.
Seán is currently developing this new piece, and is presenting it for the first time at LIVE COLLISION’S BITE SIZE // SCRATCH. With Julie Shanley-clarinet/piano & Tom Kehoe-piano
Malaprop Theatre will give a short theatrical presentation on memory, in connection with their upcoming show Everything Not Saved. Are memories more like films or photos? Are they something else entirely? Even if we can see memories physically form in the brains of nematode worms, does that shed any light on HOW they’re being stored and retrieved? When that man in Tiananmen square got run over by a tank, did we see it happen or do we just remember imagining it happening? Was Biker Mice From Mars a real TV show or did I dream it when I was home sick from school with a bad fever when I was thirteen? Part chat with the audience, part experiment on the audience, it will be an exploration of what we remember and why.
MALAPROP is a Dublin-based collective of emerging theatre makers. Winners of the 2015 Spirit of Fringe Award for LOVE+, their work is bold, playful, and genre-spanning. They aim to challenge, delight, and speak to the world we live in (even when imagining different ones).

Running time: 45 min
Suitable for ages 16+
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Live Collision International Festival 2016 is presented as part of Project 50, a season of work celebrating 50 years of Project Arts Centre
Live Collision International Festival 2016 as part of Project 50 at Project Arts Centre, Dublin

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