Performance / Theatre / Work in Progress / 08-08 April 2023

A Train from Sligo to Dublin Showcase 

Tickets: €5

Questions and feedback will be more than welcome from the audience at the end of the performance.

Show Time: 7-8pm

“Don’t die before you are equal” Ghassan Kanafani – Palestinian writer  

We’ve brought together stories from Queer, Trans, Women & Activist artists through a series of theatre workshops across the Republic of Ireland. Working with participants from these communities, we have brought their stories together. Collaborating in a 2 week long workshop along with established artists, the goal is to empower and strengthen these stories. With this performance and work we hope it empowers others to make the choice to share their stories too.  

“We Teach Life, Sir” Rafeef Ziadah – Palestinian Poet 


If you require assistance for your visit, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call 01 8819 613 . You can find the latest information about Project’s accessibility here.


Director/Facilitator/Co-Producer – Amir Abu Alrob

Co-Director/Facilitator – Sorcha Fox

Co-Producer/Production Manager – Hannah Dobson

Composers/Musicians – Tara Baoth Mooney and Lughaidh Armstrong Mayock

Videography/Photography – Tuqa Al Sarraj and Jonas Dellow

Guest Facilitators – Micaela Miranda, Jackie McKenna and Osama Al Azza

Promotional Material Design – Bill Dobson and Hannah Dobson

Collaborating Venues – Sligo Northside Community Centre, An Taibhdhearc Galway, The Belltable Limerick, The Fringe Lab Dublin and Project Arts Centre Dublin.


Director/ Facilitator/ Co Producer Amir Abu Alrob Amir

Abualrob is a Palestinian Theatre Maker and facilitator based in Dublin. In 2017 they finished a four-year program at The Freedom Theatre (TFT) Palestine, where they studied theatre and cultural resistance. In 2019 they worked as a facilitator for TFT school.They were awarded the AIC bursary award for Collaborative Arts and Cultural Diversity in October 2020. In July 2021, they were awarded a one-week residence at the Hawk’s Well Theatre Sligo and the Cairde Sligo Arts Festival as part of the Time At The Well. They were awarded the Arts Council of Ireland’s Theatre Project Award in July 2021 to begin The One of Many Project which then led to A Train from Sligo to Dublin Project, funded under the Arts Participation Award 2023.

Co Director/Facilitator – Sorcha Fox

Sorcha is a member of the team that organizes PalFest Ireland, an Irish arts festival in support of Palestine. In 2019, in collaboration with the Hawkswell Theatre Sligo, she took part in a creative residency with Palestinian poet Rafeef Ziadah culminating in a performance on Culture Night 2019 of a new piece called ‘Medusa’ with live original music by Dee Armstrong and Lughaidh Armstrong Mayock.

In 2017, she travelled to Jenin Refugee Camp in Northern Palestine where she completed a course in Theatre and Cultural Resistance with The Freedom Theatre. Here she saw the work of graduating artist Amir Abualrob, they remained friends and began a creative partnership that has resulted in collaborations on The Bed for Cairde Festival in association with The Hawkswell Sligo, The Road at The Hawkswell, written by Amir and directed by Sorcha. Khallass/Enough, a work in progress, co-written and performed by Amir and Sorcha, directed by Micaela Miranda and made possible by the support of Fulacht Fiadh, Manorhamilton and Leitrim Coco. Sorcha was commissioned to write a piece for Cairde Arts Festival called Sadah/Echo, a filmed poem for Palestine. The One of Many Project (A Train from Sligo to Dublin) involving Hannah Dobson producing, Tara Baoth Mooney composer/musician, Tuqa Al-Sarraj and Jonas Dellow photographers/Videographers with Osama Al-Azza and Micaela Miranda as special guest collaborators – is the culmination of this partnership and a continuation of the profound lessons learned in Jenin and The Freedom Theatre about the power of a personal story, the generosity of Palestinian people and Art as a political gun.


A Train from Sligo to Dublin Showcase is proudly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland – Arts Participation Award 2023

Project Arts Centre is proudly supported by The Arts Council and Dublin City Council.


There may be some strong language and sensitive topics discussed during the performance.

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