Music / 24-24 February 2006


Tickets: 15

3epkano announce their album launch.
‘….3epkano offer cineastes a rare and unmissable treat’. -The Irish Times
3epkano, the band who are best known for their magical film scores, will be launching their debut album in Project Arts Centre on the 22nd February, 2006. 3epkano’s live shows are a place where slow, winding patterns and riffs become a swirling churning blast of emotional cacophony for both musicians and listeners. A dangerous calm can be created by a whispering snare, and deepened by gently plucked and strummed guitars, as strings and organ just hover elegiacally in the background, moving the band into a lulling, shimmering space where everything floats in open, empty, poetic, and lyric space.
‘Our sole aim is produce simple, emotionally honest music…and nothing else!’

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