The time is now.

It’s a festival. It’s a march.

It’s a moment. It’s a movement.

In 1968 a gang of rock stars worked together to release a compilation album called The Rock Machine Turns You On, a sampling of the best talent of the time.

They knew they were stronger if they worked together.

THE THEATRE MACHINE TURNS YOU ON is our festival inspired by that effort.
It’s been 50 years since the release of that compilation and 10 years since the formation of our company.

The time is right. Let’s get back in the building.

In December, we will assemble at Project Arts Centre for THE THEATRE MACHINE TURNS YOU ON Volume 5.

Follow in the footsteps of over a hundred artists who have presented work in 4 iterations of the THEATRE MACHINE since 2009. With dedicated support from a team of designers, producers and production crew.

This year the festival is being curated by Doireann Coady, Eoin Winning and Shaun Dunne. Each have presented work in the festival before and will be on hand to advise and support participating companies throughout the THEATRE MACHINE process.

Join the machine and present your new work alongside an exciting programme where there is true power in numbers and collaboration is key.

What can I expect?

THEATRE MACHINE is not just about being in a festival. It’s about sharing resources, coming together and collaborating. This time round we are opening the space up to you. That means we want you to tell us what you need so we can work to make it happen.

Maybe your piece is an interactive game, an installation, a dance solo, a work in progress or a fully realised idea ready for its first performance. Our mission is to design our festival around your needs, your wants, your dreams.

As part of the MACHINE you don’t just turn up with your show in a bag and whack it on the stage. You also become a part of our community – where we work together, side by side, in the spirit of the Rock Machine and the other THEATRE MACHINES that have gone before this one.

If you present your work in our festival, we will provide you with rehearsal space, dramaturgical support, creative mentorship, production assistance, producer support and an opportunity to present your work in Project Cube.

All you need to do is fill out our short application form below and get the ball rolling by starting a conversation with us.

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