HERE & NOW - Performance & Installation at Project Arts Centre, Dublin
Installation/Performance Veronica Dyas presents


  • 15 May 2014-17 May 2014 8.00pm
  • (Installation runs 11am-6pm, 13 - 17 May)
  • Tickets €15/12

“27th November 2011: arrive in Santiago de Compostela with my school bag. Everything is different now. Return to a house that was never really my home, realizing I bought it in fear. I was aiming for a different life then. 1 of 62,970 residential mortgage holders in arrears*, €100k negative equity. I let it all go, all of my things, out into the world to be used, valued. Gifting with the words Wishing you Love & Abundance & Joy, learning to wish that for myself too.

27th November 2012: hand the keys to an estate agent and become a landlord. (I don’t believe in private ownership anymore). Pop psychology won’t help us now and ‘The Market’ god can’t solve everything. They’ve blocked the view to the sea, someone else lives in my home now. We deserve more. J’essaie, I’ve been trying.”

*Now 136,564 Residential Mortgages in Arrears of 90 days or more, Central Bank of Ireland 4th March 2014.

Veronica Dyas is a freelance theatre practitioner and facilitator. HERE & NOW is a creative research project, started in 2012, which explores how we live now through the lens of housing, homelessness, spirituality and the practice of walking.

As part of HERE & NOW, an installation (using film, visuals and sound) of Veronica’s research and creative interpretations from Project Downsize, where she gave away all her belongings, will run in the Space Upstairs from 13 – 17 May, 11am-6pm daily, with meditation from 1-2pm.

On Sunday, 18 May, Veronica will lead a WALK TO THE SEA, meeting outside Project Arts Centre at 12.30pm.

Design Consultant & Mentor: Lian Bell
Documentary “AGENDA” : Conor Madden
Film: José Miguel Jimenez
Gifting Response: Sorcha Kenny
Graphic Design: Sean Cunningham
Lighting Design: Eoin Winning
Movement Consultant: Ella Clarke
Music: Madelyn Medeiros, John Nee & Dylan Tighe
Performance: Veronica Dyas
Photographic Exhibition: Louis Haugh
Producer: Nyree Yergainharsian
Stage Manager: Aoife O’Sullivan
Text Dramaturg: Amy Conroy
Video Animation & Collage: Pedro Vico

15 May - Post-show screening and discussion of "AGENDA" by Conor Madden, artist

16 May - "Gifting" Post-show discussion with Sorcha Kenny, artist

17 May - Post-HERE & NOW project discussion with Dr. Karen Quigley, lecturer in Drama & Theatre Studies