Design & Destroy

Special Event / 28 Sep 2019 - 12 Oct 2019 The Foyer
Presented in Virtual Reality, this exhibition of Irish stage design is curated by Jo Mangan, Artistic Director of Carlow Arts Festival and The Performance Corporation. We meet designers and their work within a Virtual Reality world – in their studios, on stage, in 360 visualisations, and during the inevitable destruction of their creations
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Rat King

Work in Progress / 04 Oct 2019 Space Upstairs
Rat King observes the darkly comic lives of David and Chrissy, a pigeonhearted duo clambering to make sense of the world in which they exist.
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Work in Progress / 05 Oct 2019 Cube
Part ode to the lighthouse keeper, part personal history and part enquiry into evolving technology, Transmission is an inventive and playful meditation on what our futures might hold and how our histories might be recorded.
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Work in Progress / 04 Oct 2019 Cube
Can we listen to each other? Can you hold our hands together? A thin girl and a less thin girl are sad and would like to disappear. A new collaboration between Doireann Coady and Jane Deasy.
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Conversations After Sex

Work in Progress / 06 Oct 2019 Cube
Strangers meet through dating apps, websites or random hook ups at the supermarket. They couple in cars, hotel rooms and anonymous apartments. They f*ck furiously, fulfilling perceived physical desires and needs in one another - the need to forget themselves, feel, control or submit. Their shared physical intimacy becomes a catalyst for shocking communication.
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Blast: International Critics’ Forum

Special Event / 07 Oct 2019 Cube
Bringing together critics with a wealth of experience and a breadth reference of different theatre cultures, this forum considers performance from several angles and welcomes audience reflection and feedback. If there’s nothing more deadly than consensus, here is an opportunity for spirited debate...
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Work in Progress / 12 Oct 2019 Cube
Written and performed by Shaun, this piece is heavily informed by a period of time he spent in the UK, volunteering with organisations that work to equip convicted sex offenders towards community living.
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