Project Artists is dedicated to protecting the next generation of Irish artists.

Through the Project Artists initiative we nurture, mentor, partner, collaborate, network, co-produce and present the work of independent artists, both nationally and internationally.

We are a pioneer in the resourcing of artist’s work; supporting the creation,
production and touring of work by 10 artists and companies that are at the cutting edge of contemporary arts.

One Two One Two

Music / Theatre

One Two One Two make music and theatre art that attempts heartfelt communication with its audience. We make original work …

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Junk Ensemble


Junk Ensemble is an award-winning Dublin-based dance company founded in 2004 by joint Artistic Directors and identical twin sisters Megan Kennedy and Jessica Kennedy to create works of brave and imaginative dance theatre.

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Brokentalkers are a multi-award winning Dublin based theatre company, founded in 2001 by Feidlim Cannon and Gary Keegan after graduating …

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Louise White

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY Louise White is an award winning theatre-maker who has presented innovative audience experiences since 2009. She makes work …

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