Theatre/ 18 Dec 2013 - 22 Dec 2013

€16 - €12 (18 December - all tickets just €10!)

HISTORY is a story about a place. A fourteen acre site in Inchicore called St. Michael’s Estate, and a history that spans the housing of imprisoned 1916 revolutionaries to the building of Ireland’s first social housing in the 1960s.The housing…

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Talks and Readings/ Theatre/ 12 Dec 2013 - 12 Dec 2013


Rough Magic SEEDS present a rehearsed reading of Cardboard City by Hugh Travers, a new play developed under the SEEDS programme. A teenage girl has been found on the streets of Dublin at the scene of an unspecified crime. Under arrest, she talks…

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Theatre/ 09 Dec 2013 - 14 Dec 2013

€16 - €14 - €12 (See "Way to Heaven" and "Assassins" for just €25/€20! (Available by phone or in person at our box office.))

Rough Magic SEEDS present Way to Heaven by Juan Mayorga, translated by David Johnston. Do you have enough courage to do the right thing? 1942. A town square 30 kilometres outside Berlin. Two young boys play with a spinning top.…

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Theatre/ 09 Dec 2013 - 14 Dec 2013

€16 - €14 - €12 (See "Assassins" and "Way to Heaven" for just €25/€20! (Available by phone or in person at our box office.))

"What a wonder is a gun! What a versatile invention! First of all when you've a gun- Everybody pays attention." On the 50th Anniversary of the shooting of John F. Kennedy, Rough Magic SEEDS present Stephen Sondheim’s killer musical Assassins.…

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Theatre/ 04 Dec 2013 - 14 Dec 2013

€14 - €12 (3 December - all tickets just €10!)

A fellow will remember a lot of things you wouldn’t think he’d remember. Take me, for example… Arriving back in Dublin, where it played a a critically acclaimed sell-out run at Dublin Fringe Festival 2012, Souvenir spins off from Marcel…

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Music/ 30 Nov 2013 - 30 Nov 2013

€15 - €12

One of the greatest Irish singer-songwriters presents an evening of breath-taking songs, both old and new. From the controversial The Bitter Lie, released at the age of 29, to the critically-acclaimed Dublin Fringe Festival 2012 production The Last Ten Years, Sean…

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