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Performance / 22 Apr 2017
Non-stop exotic disco with a whole lot of frisky action from the queens of resistance.
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Performance / 21 Apr 2017 16/€14
YAYAYA AYAYAY is a choreographic and multi-sensory journey into the complex nature of both emotional and physical darkness.
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Live Art Screenings

Film / 21 Apr 2017
A curated presentation of short films by live artists that bend the definitions of both genre and gender binaries.
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Performance / 20 Apr 2017 16/€14
Shorty is a deconstructed drag-child, who frays at the edges and plays at the edges. And almost falls apart.
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Bite Size // Scratch 2017

Performance / 20 Apr 2017 10
BITE SIZE // SCRATCH is a ‘curated’ fast and furious look at the current new blood / next generation artists who are making dynamic new work in Ireland.
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Tasting Blue

Performance / 19 Apr 2017
Tasting Blue is a durational performance installation exploring death and the voyeur. Tasting Blue originally exhibited as part of The Wild at Project Gallery in November 2016.
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