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Theatre / 23 Jan 2013 - 26 Jan 2013 15
Shane’s parents are deaf. He grew up in a house with doorbell lights and subtitles on the TV. A house where to be heard, you had to be seen. Follow him to a place where languages collide. Where the lights are so bright you can’t see to speak. Where sound is just a feeling and signs are all around. Close your ears, cover your eyes. Come to the Deaf Disco. We’ll see you there.
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Dance / 23 Jan 2013 - 26 Jan 2013 16/12
Project Arts Centre presents a dance double bill, featuring choreographers Fiona Quilligan and Maria Nilsson Waller.
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Theatre / 17 Jan 2013 - 19 Jan 2013 12
Everyone has a soul-mate. It has recently been brought to Meadhbh Haicéid's attention that MADONNA is probably hers. To being with, their names begin with the same letter ( the letter "M"). But there's much more to it than that.
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Music / Theatre / 15 Jan 2013 - 19 Jan 2013 25/20
Benjamin Britten's Albert Herring, a wonderfully witty depiction of English rural life, is the RIAM's principal opera production in 2013. Set in the imaginary East Suffolk town of Loxford, the opera charts the coming-of-age of the meek and mild Albert Herring after he is selected as the town's first May King in the absence of any virtuous women.
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Theatre / 18 Jan 2013 - 19 Jan 2013 10
They have recruited a professional lip-reader to see what's on the lips of everyone around us. They're going to find out what the extras are up to.
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