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Performance / 23 Apr 2003 - 03 May 2003 16
After Darwin puts the science into fiction and the theory into practice providing an hilarious insight into contemporary society and the continuing evolution of the species.
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general specific

Exhibitions / 28 Mar 2003 - 02 May 2003 25
'general specific' was Ronan McCrea's first solo exhibition in an Irish gallery. The show included a slide, works on paper and an ambitious glass sculpture commissioned by Project.
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Performance / 09 Apr 2003 - 26 Apr 2003 12
Inspired by the writings of Angela Carter and conceived by an international ensemble trained at Ecole Jacques Lecoq, Hatched is a "riotous dazzle of superb stagecraft... an irresistible display of physical theatre" Montreal Gazette.
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Performance / 26 Mar 2003 - 16 Apr 2003 18/13
This new play from the award-winning Declan Hughes follows their fortunes as they stride, stagger and stumble through life in contemporary Dublin.
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/ 22 Mar 2003 14
Project presents the world premiere of its commission to Jennifer Walshe in a programme curated by the composer.
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Exhibitions / 13 Feb 2003 - 22 Mar 2003 15
This exhibition took as its model the horticultural system called Permaculture where diverse species co-exist in close proximity.
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