Past Exhibitions, Events

Explore past exhibitions and events at Project. Our visual arts programme includes exhibitions, talks, performances, workshops, screenings and the ongoing research project Active Archive – Slow Institution.


Exhibitions / 07 Jul 2005 - 23 Jul 2005 ADMISSION FREE
For three weeks during July Project Arts Centre organised a series of complementary events around its exhibitions programme. The gallery hosted a performance, a public talk, and a musical act that all took place round a shifting arrangement of paintings.
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Exhibitions / 09 May 2005 - 02 Jul 2005 ADMISSION FREE
Project commissioned Paul O'Neill to curate the exhibition 'La La Land' which brought together a range of international contemporary practice. La La Land was an exhibition without a theme, a show about being out of it, beyond the exhibition as a unifying structure.
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Exhibitions / 23 Mar 2005 - 30 Apr 2005 ADMISSION FREE
Isabel Nolan's first major solo show opened in Project Arts Centre on 25th March. For the exhibition, Nolan, whose practice includes different media such as painting, drawing, sculpture, video and animation, was commissioned to make a new body of work.
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Exhibitions / 21 Feb 2005 - 26 Feb 2005 ADMISSION FREE
Dead but not buried! Morse code came alive again in enCODEd, a multimedia exhibition by visual artist Brian Fay and composer Donal Siggins.
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Exhibitions / 20 Jan 2005 - 12 Mar 2005 ADMISSION FREE
The artists in this exhibition where asked to consider the word communism and to make a work in response to it. This process elicited a variety of results, including small-scale experiments in social practice, re-imagined historical events, public activities, modest but practical proposals and future prototypes.
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Exhibitions / 17 Sep 2004 - 13 Nov 2004 ADMISSION FREE
Acclaimed Irish artist Gerard Byrne draws from Project's unique history of accommodating both performing and the visual arts in a new exhibition for PAC.
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