Similar to the work we present and the artists we support, we are motivated by the idea of Creative Partnerships.

We want to build new audiences, allowing artists to share work that challenges, inspires and leaves a lasting impact.

Presenting over 600 events annually, we offer a range of sponsorship opportunities throughout the year – attracting audiences unmatched by any other venue in Ireland.

Much like business leaders, the artists we work with at Project Arts Centre are motivated by new ways of thinking, risk-taking and innovation. Using resources effectively, we are proud of our ability to create art that empowers audiences while offering valuable partnership benefits.

At Project Arts Centre, we look for partnerships that will strengthen our ability to fulfill our three main aims:

  • Supporting artists across all forms of the performing and visual arts
  • Building audiences
  • Producing new work

In 2016 Project Arts Centre will celebrate its 50th anniversary with a major series of commissions, productions and publications; it will also see the establishment of a major commissioning endowment.

To find out more about how you can can engage with our audiences while supporting the arts through sponsorship at Project Arts Centre contact Eimear O’Reilly on