Anima Fatima

Community & Inclusion

Anima Fatima was presented in Project’s Cube space in November 2021. The presentation included a series of short art films made by Philip Connaughton and Luca Truffarelli, in collaboration with eight women from Fatima Groups United. The word ‘Anima’ is the Latin term for soul and this work represents these strong, creative individuals, who together form part of the vibrant fabric of Dublin 8.

The works were developed as the culmination of a summer project in 2021 called Dance Uncovered. Through this project, dance was taken outside the studio and onto the streets. It was an incredibly positive experience where everyone got to know each other better. Very quickly, and particularly because of the isolating nature of lockdown, it became apparent that there was a strong desire to congregate, talk and dance, and a need for deeper creative expression within the group.

These films are the ideas, images, stories and movements that these women decided to share. A glimpse into the soul of Dublin’s Fatima.

The Participants
Betty Fogarty
Wafa’a Mustafa Zeniah
Rose Lyndon
Geraldine Guy
Doris Weldon
Kristina McElroy
Naima Taleb
Mary Kennedy

A Note from Fatima Groups United

Dance Uncovered and its offspring Anima Fatima are highlights of our Fatima Groups United arts and culture work in 2021 during Covid 19 when restrictions were partially lifted.

We first met Philip Connaughton on a Fatima Culture Club trip to his show Mamafesta Memorialising in February 2020 as part of Project Fatima ALL IN. Phillip did a Q&A for us (big thanks to Veronica Dyas who organised our trip).
To see Phillip inspire a group through choreography and to observe Luca Truffarelli capture this adventure on film has been a pleasure.
A big thank you to Phillippa Donnellan who gave everyone the dance bug at Fatima Groups United and set us on our way.
Finally – this installation project would be nothing without 8 gorgeous strong and creative women – Betty, Geraldine, Rose, Wafaa, Mary, Naima, Kristina and Doris.
And finally finally – thanks to Cathy Coughlan (Project Potential) our co-conspirator, Orla Moloney and Cian O’Brien at the Project, the Programme Development Team at FGU and Dublin City Arts Office who fund our arts work
The soul of Fatima is alive!
Producer-coordinator for Fatima Groups United: Richie Keane
Co-Created by Philip Connaughton and Luca Truffarelli

Fatima Groups United is funded by Dublin City Council Arts Office
Supported by IMMA

Developed through the Project Potential Programme
Commissioned by Project Arts Centre
Project Arts Centre is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and Dublin City Council.

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