Special Event / 17-18 October 2014


Tickets: 10 (1 day pass) or €15 (2 day pass)

Festival Pass - Get the whole festival experience for just €30. This will get you entry in to the talks, Plays on a night of your choice, entry to the playground plus admission to one workshop of your choice. Not available to book online, contact Box Office on 01 8819 613 to book your Festival Pass

Show Time: 8pm - 10pm on 17 October & 11.30am - 5.30pm on 18 October

Prototype is a brand new festival of Play and Interaction which brings together some of the most playful designers in the world, to engage, excite, inspire, create and energise the city by providing a new platform for innovative social interaction and cross disciplinary play.
This is your chance to experience the world from a new perspective with removable camera eyes,  jostle and joust to a Bach soundtrack whilst trying to disarm an opponent,  throw shapes and win glow sticks as you figure out who got an invite to the silent disco, duel with foam pool noodles, and play chase in the dark with flashlights. It’s fun, adult sized!
Join us as we turn the Space Upstairs in to a playground packed full of games and technology – we dare you not to have fun!
Here’s what you can expect to find in our Playground…
Johann Sebastian Joust by Gute Fabrik
Will you be the last player standing? Johann Sebastian Joust is a no-graphics, digitally-enabled playground game designed for motion controllers. Jostle with the music, Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos, and try to disarm your opponents while protecting your own controller. Move outside the playing area and you’re out. Get disarmed and you’re out!
Neurotic by Michael Straubig
Neurotic is a playful location based audio experience that creates a dynamic soundscape by simulating an artificial neural network. Each player becomes a neuron in the network. As they move through the city, the distances between them change, which consequently cause the firing rates of the neurons to adapt, triggering different sounds that reflect the distribution of the players’ locations experienced through a mobile app.
Slam of the Arcades by One Life Remains
Slam of the Arcades is a 4 player competitive racing game. Every time your avatar changes colour, you have to switch for the gamepad of the same colour and keep hitting it to run towards the finishing line. A unique form of stress-reliever, the game comes with destructible buttons, psychedelic graphics and hard-core techno soundtrack. Perfect for any party
Discotect by Holly Gramazio (Only available to play on Friday 17 October)
Half the dancers have music; for the others, the disco is truly silent. Can you work out who is who? Discotect is a party game for those who like throwing shapes and winning glow sticks, giving everyone a chance to dance, detect, and deceive.
Victory Points by Holly Gramazio (Only available to play on Saturday 18 October)
A fast-paced card game about lies, challenges, and the idea of victory. Race to gather as many points as you can before the game kicks you out. The winner isn’t the last player standing, but the one who makes their limited time count the most.
Charge by Move to Play/Play to Move
Charge is a digitally negotiated, physical game about movement and teamwork. Each team has to get three hits of their opponent’s button. One team member charges the others’ ball by moving lots. Expect laughter, sweat and the occasional tear.
Boundaries by Donal Gould (Only available to play on Saturday 18 October)
An exciting and thought-provoking take on the ever popular game of draughts.
Players are invited to perform the game in which the pieces are not those of the board game but a selection of stones gathered from a boundary town wall erected by colonizers in the 15th Century.  The game invites discussion on people’s interpretation of what boundaries and strangers mean to them.
Touched by Charlene Putney & Owen Harris (Only available to play on Saturday 18 October)
Touched is an awkward spectator sport where teams of 2-3 interns try to create the best planetary rover at a science summer camp on a faraway planet in the future. Only a combination of good tactics, teamwork and flat-out racing can lead to victory. From their initial testing with the most basic form of rover, the teams must intensify their research (and their bond) if they are to have any hope of getting that A+ they so dearly need to get their grades up to passing. Fun to play, even more fun to watch, Touched is a quick and physical game perfect for getting to know people better.
Canoodle by Charlene Putney & Owen Harris (Only available to play on Saturday 18 October)
Canoodle is a ridiculous duelling game using an exciting combination of skill, daring and pool noodles. It is a 2-person spectator sport: 2 canoodlers enter, 1 canoodler wins. Duel-wielding pool noodles, opponents must face each other down in the ultimate test of gumption and gall.
Weeping Angels by Phillip Ehemann (Only available to play on Saturday 18 October)
A mix of hide and seek, tag and treasure hunt in the dark with flash lights. Experience the fear and excitement of being hunted by something you cannot see in a totally safe place. Team play, strategy and quick changes in tactics all come in to play in this physical game of chase.  Weeping Angels is played at night so appropriate dress is recommended.
Extra Treats
In addition to our main artists, we have more surprises dotted around the Big Blue Building for the weekend!
Performer Paul Curley will delight audiences with his mobile tea service for the outdoor players among us.
Game Oven Studios will give us exclusive trial of their game Bounden!
We have innovative Arcade Controllers.
And Dubludo will happen on the Closing Night!
DubLUDO are a group of Dublin based digital (and physical) creatives who meet regularly to demo their work and have a bit of craic. Open to all, come & play! Come and test new games and learn more about Dublin’s thriving Indie Scene.


Prototype is curated by Hilary O’Shaughnessy as part of her Theatre Artist in Residence programme at Project Arts Centre and Dublin City Council with the support of the Arts Council of Ireland, the Goethe Institute, the British Council and the French Embassy.
Hilary O’Shaughnessy is a Project Artist.

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