27 May - 03 June 2021

LOBSTERS on Demand

Tickets: €10

Back by popular demand ~ watch LOBSTERS on demand!
Available until Thursday 10th June. 

Open Captioned Performances Available

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Please note that the show is not currently viewable on iPhone

After a brilliant run last week, Nyree Yergainharsian’s LOBSTERS is back by popular demand – don’t miss it this time before it’s gone!

There’s a common misconception that lobsters mate for life. But in fact, they don’t. They go through a sort of serial monogamy, not quite a one night stand but not quite a lifelong commitment either. It’s as if, like humans often do, they keep searching for the best one.

Filmed entirely by the cast and in one single live take at Project Space Upstairs, LOBSTERS aims to showcase how the current landscape of love and connection in Ireland has evolved over this ongoing period of uncertainty.

Based on a collection of first-person testimonies, LOBSTERS aims to connect with audiences with a brand new approach to filming theatre shows by allowing the three characters to have complete control of the camera. This will allow audiences to experience the action from the actors’ perspective, the audience perspective, and even as a fly on the wall. LOBSTERS strides confidently into a new world of theatre film where the camera not only captures the show, it is the show.


An open-captioned stream is available to viewers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at access@projectartscentre.ie or call 01 8819 613 . You can find the latest information about Project’s accessibility here.


Performed by Brian Bennett, Peter Newington & Nyree Yergainharsian

Created & Directed by Nyree Yergainharsian

Co-director and dramaturg Jocelyn Clarke

Producer Aisling Ormonde

LX Design Stephen Dodd

AV Design Luca Truffarelli

Sound Design Denis Clohessy

Set & Costume Design Eugenia Genunchi

Stage Manager Martina Kavanagh

Production Manager Sean Dennehy


Funded by the Arts Council.


Please note that the show contains some strong language.

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