Exhibitions / 15 January - 19 March 2016


Show Time: 11am - 8pm

Excluding Sundays and bank holidays
Press Conference: Thu 14 Jan 5.30pm
Exhibition Opening: Thu 14 Jan 6.00pm – 8.00pm

Troika Fiscal Disobedience Consultancy
Núria Güell

Artist Núria Güell has created an international fiscal disobedience consultancy against the Troika that will be the subject of her solo exhibition here at Project Arts Centre in 2016.
The artist in collaboration with Catalan activist Enric Duran has created an agency that will consult on the complexities of tax avoidance, playing within the rules of the European Union’s single market.
The consultancy advises on strategies borrowed from international financial tax assessors that reduce the tax liability of neoliberal companies.
Created in the context of our year-long programme of exhibitions and events conceived around REBELLION, contemporary artist Núria Güell will be exhibiting this agency as the latest project in her ongoing commitment to conceptual art and political and social activism.
The exhibition will include continuous screenings of the films Debtocracy (2011), Castroika (2012), Everyday Rebellion (2013) and How To Start A Revolution (2011).

Núria Güell uses her artwork for political and social activism, believing that art holds the power to rethink ourselves as a society. Through installation, writing, performance, and video, Güell rethinks the ethics practiced by the large institutions that govern our society and suggests alternative methodologies.
Some of her projects have included publishing a book explaining how to expropriate money from a bank, entering into a marriage of convenience in order to give legal status to an individual, and creating a company to hire a construction worker to demolish doors to enable squatting.
She graduated from the University of Barcelona with a degree in fine art and continued her studies under Tania Bruguera at Behavior Art Master in Cuba. Her work has been exhibited in biennials in Havana, Pontevedra, Ljubljana, and Liverpool, as well as in the Print Triennial of Tallinn, and her projects exhibited in Museums and galleries around the world, including recently the VanAbbemuseum, Eindhoven, and the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

Curator: Tessa Giblin
Installation photography by Ros Kavanagh
With thanks to Infowar Productions, Golden Girls Filmproduktion & Mira Film, TVF & Daniel Nembhard, and the Irish Museum of Modern Art

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