Exhibitions / 14 August - 11 October 2015


Opening Times:
14 August – 22 August  11am – 6pm
24 August – 11 October 11am – 8pm
Excluding certain Sundays and bank holidays
Free Admission
You are welcome to join us for the opening of this exhibition on Thursday 13 August 6.00pm – 8.00pm.
David Claerbout will give a floor talk prior to the opening from 5pm on Thursday 13 August.
Curated by Tessa Giblin
David Claerbout (BE) is a master of visual ambiguity, presenting scenes built from a complex association between photography, film and sound.
Claerbout’s multiple video installation at Project Arts Centre will challenge conventions of exhibition-making, attempting to further our efforts to perceive what it is to exhibit while exhibiting.
Included in his first solo exhibition in Ireland will be four of his recent projects – Travel (2013), The Quiet Shore (2011), The Algiers’ Sections of a Happy Moment (2008) and Long Goodbye (2007).
A shared characteristic between David Claerbout’s projections (rather than ‘slide-shows’, ‘films’, ‘videos’ or ‘animations’) is the simplicity of the perceived subject matter: the works variously focus on a woodland thicket, a beach scene, a group of people at play, or a waved goodbye.
But it is within the details, textures, tempos and duration of each work that his real preoccupations lie – time, and the making of images.
His is a practice where burgeoning awareness creeps up on you as a viewer, nagging questions of authenticity start to haunt, and our idea of scale based on a fixed position in space becomes unsettled, destabilised, set adrift.
This exhibition of Claerbout’s video installations at Project Arts Centre will present the works sequentially, with a constant companion in Long Goodbye.
Through the installation environment it also attempts to further complicate our relationship with the real, or given infrastructure of viewing, and the perceived reality of David Claerbout’s created worlds.


Image: David Claerbout, The Quiet Shore, 2011

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