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Comedy / Festival / 16 Sep 2023 - 17 Sep 2023 €18 / €16 Space Upstairs | Dublin Fringe Festival
Lara’s a small Latin American girl (woman?) who won the 2021 Funny Women Stage Award (right, ‘woman’) and is now ...
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GUSTO with Billy Magra

Comedy / Theatre / 18 Apr 2023 - 22 Apr 2023 €18/14 | Preview Tuesday 18th Apr €15/10 Cube
The personal and comic story of how one Old Age Pioneer of Irish rock and comedy survived a life of ...
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Token Cis

Comedy / 05 Sep 2020 - 06 Sep 2020 €15 Space Upstairs
Some of Ireland’s funniest transgender folks take the mic for two nights of stand-up.
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Iphigenia in Splott

Comedy / Theatre / 23 Mar 2020 - 04 Apr 2020 €16-18 (Preview €14) Cube
Effie’s life spirals through a mess of drink, drugs and drama every night, and a hangover worse than death the next day — till one night gives her the chance to be something more. Inspired by the enduring Greek myth, Iphigenia in Splott drives home the high price people pay for society’s shortcomings. Effie will break your heart.
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