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Solas by Maïa Nunes

Festival / Live Art / Music / Performance / 29 Apr 2022 €15 / 10 Cube | Live Collision International Festival
Solas visually and aurally explores our relationship to light both internally, interpersonally and environmentally.
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The Making of Pinocchio by Cade & MacAskill

Festival / Live Art / Performance / Q&A / 28 Apr 2022 €10 Cube | Live Collision International Festival
Welcome to The Making of Pinocchio! - an up-close behind the scenes look at the quest to make Pinocchio the perfectly imperfect trans masc narrative of our times.
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Object Permanence by Kat Hawkins

Festival / Performance / 28 Apr 2022 €8 / €5 Cube | Live Collision International Festival
Object Permanence is Kat Hawkins’ first solo dance presentation that asks questions about the time it takes to do things.
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Festival / Music / Workshop / 23 Apr 2022 €5 administrative charge which covers the cost of refreshments on the day Cube | Music Current Festival 2022
A roundtable discussion and masterclass for composers at any career stage facilitated by Natacha Diels (USA) Renowned American composer Natacha Diels ...
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Festival / Music / 23 Apr 2022 Free but booking essential Cube | Music Current Festival 2022
PANEL PARTICIPANTS: Toner Quinn (The Journal of Music) Malgorzata Walentynowicz (Ensemble Garage) Natacha Diels (composer, USA) Fergal Dowling (Dublin Sound Lab, Music Current Festival) ...
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Festival / Music / 23 Apr 2022 €16/14 Space Upstairs | Music Current Festival 2022
Ensemble Garage presents works involving inspirational quotes and messages from another world, in a programme that combines choreographed movement, video, ...
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