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Theatre / 16 Jan 2013 6
TALK We all know that Art is power. We all know that a tune can change the world. Because it ...
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Theatre / 15 Jan 2013 10
The women of the world have been running wild. Agents of the Universe, Angie and Gabby, are on a quest to rectify this atrocity. After searching the world over, they have selected one very special lady to embark on a great mission ... to become the greatest icon ever known to womankind. Can she lead them into salvation and deliver them from evil?
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Theatre / 12 Jan 2013 6
When you moved to Ireland as a German-speaking four year old, learning English and Irish at the same time makes for a confusing and frustrating childhood.
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Theatre / 11 Jan 2013 - 12 Jan 2013 12
Safe Filth is the genre women have been glued to. Has feminism sold us a lie? If she enjoys reading misogynistic fantasy does that mean she wants a man to provide for her in real life?
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Theatre / 10 Jan 2013 - 11 Jan 2013 6
Join Bea on a journey that explores the extremeties of the mind and body, the physical and ephemeral and how far we can really go, who we'll be, when we experience a shift in our being.
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