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Performance / Special Event / 19 Jan 2013 12
WE, THE PEOPLE Article 40.6 of the Constitution of Ireland guarantees “the right of the citizens to assemble peaceably and ...
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Theatre / 18 Jan 2013 6
Traces of the past lie everywhere you lived. You love, you work, you reflect, you tire, you move, you move house. You move again. You always moving in the script of your life. But it takes time for the post to catch up. So what do we lose, when we lose post? Are we losing ourselves or the potential of ourselves
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Theatre / 17 Jan 2013 - 18 Jan 2013 10
After the birth of her child, Happy Cullen is left suspended in one moment, alone and unchurched. During her self-imposed imprisonment Happy realises she must face her past in order to find her future.
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Theatre / 16 Jan 2013 - 17 Jan 2013 10
"The further you walk the thinner the ice gets..." You are watching a couple. They have been together for a long time. Maybe too long. They start to argue. This argument is not normal. This not just a row. It goes on and on and it grows until... Could this be the end? Tear It Down is a chance to watch the end of a relationship - in a theatre.
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