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Performance / 10 Sep 2011 - 17 Sep 2011 €14-25
A lot happened to us in 2010, and now it’s all happening all over again. We sent an email once a day to ANYBODY who wanted to play and asked them “What have you learnt today?”
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Performance / 08 Sep 2011 - 17 Aug 2011 €13/11/10
An Irish-Armenian has a place in society too; the problem is, Nyree can’t quite seem to find it. She’s inventing an identity for herself and examining what it means to be part of something she thinks she’s part of (but isn’t totally sure).
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Performance / 08 Aug 2011 - 16 Aug 2011 14/12/10
This is the dark, moving and tender journey of Gina’s transformation. A poignant account of redemption and release.
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The Bee-Loud Glade Cabaret

Music / Performance / 09 Jul 2011 - 23 Jul 2011 10
Twenty-eight exciting, Irish, contemporary poems brought to life in two unique cabaret shows.
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Mangina Jones

Performance / 08 Jul 2011 - 22 Jul 2011
Spend the night with Mangina and special guests exploring all things sextrology, feminine and fashion related. A night of performance, advice, pints, w(h)ining and moaning with the Queen of Ireland (2011) and her golden girls and boys.
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