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Theatre / 25 Sep 2005 - 14 Jan 2005 10
Seven Days of Everything is an effort to expose and make sense of that potential for profound transformative innovation in our present day situation.
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Theatre / 12 May 2004 15
On a wintry night in London, a wealthy man knocks on the door of a shabby flat. A woman answers. Once they were lovers. They haven't seen each other for three years. What will happen now?
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Theatre / 05 Dec 2003 12
A programme featuring three outstanding works of music theatre.
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Theatre / 05 Dec 2003 11
The Tenants is a play about a group of people who live in a house in the Dublin flatlands.
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Theatre / 05 Dec 2003 17
The multi-awarding winning Corn Exchange presents a dark and passionate play about the human impulse for liberation.
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Theatre / 04 Mar 2003 - 15 Mar 2003 17/13
The story of the young Antigone's passionate defiance of her uncle Creon's autocratic rule of law has achieved its iconic status from the fact that it resonates for every generation that hears it.
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