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Exhibitions / 21 Feb 2005 - 26 Feb 2005
Dead but not buried! Morse code came alive again in enCODEd, a multimedia exhibition by visual artist Brian Fay and composer Donal Siggins.
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Exhibitions / 17 Sep 2004 - 13 Nov 2004
Acclaimed Irish artist Gerard Byrne draws from Project's unique history of accommodating both performing and the visual arts in a new exhibition for PAC.
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Exhibitions / 15 Sep 2004 - 18 Sep 2004
Fused is a fascinating, varied and fully interactive exposition of the multifaceted nature of current digital multimedia art and technology; a collaborative creation by the students of Trinity College Dublin's prestigious Masters of Science in Multimedia Systems.
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Exhibitions / 15 Jul 2004 - 04 Sep 2004
Valsan Koorma Kolleri is one of India's leading contemporary artists and undertook a three-week residency in Project's Gallery. During this time, Kolleri developed a 'retrospective artwork' in the form of a wall drawing that covers the entire space.
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Exhibitions / 10 Jun 2004
The 'Monumental Garage Sale' was a multimedia installation and performance by Martha Rosler held in the Art Gallery of the University of California, San Diego in 1973 and repeated later as the 'Travelling Garage Sale' in the garage of La Mamelle, an artist run gallery in San Francisco in 1977.
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Exhibitions / 05 May 2004 - 29 May 2004
Singled out as one of the artists to watch in 2004, Israeli artist Guy Bar Amotz presents a reconfiguration of his dynamic installation 'The Dance Machine' at the Project Arts Centre from May 5th until May 29th.
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