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Music / 06 Dec 2003 12
A concert of Irish and World premieres given by a variety of performers: The Bozzini Quartet, Tim Brady (guitar) Andre Leroux (saxophone)
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Film / 06 Dec 2003 5
A screening of the acclaimed film by Bill Morrison; Decasia is a celebration of decay with a powerful symphonic score by Michael Gordon.
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Performance / 05 Dec 2003 14
Snap is set on the outskirts of a rural Irish town and covers the married life of Sonny and Nonnie.
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Performance / 05 Dec 2003 11
Crooked House Theatre Company return to the fringe festival hot on the heels of the critical success of Voices in the Rubble with another play from writer/director Darren Donohue which exposes the absurdity of the human condition.
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