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Explore past exhibitions and events at Project. Our visual arts programme includes exhibitions, talks, performances, workshops, screenings and the ongoing research project Active Archive – Slow Institution.


Exhibitions / 10 Mar 2011 - 23 Apr 2011 ADMISSION FREE
Things (2009) is a mesmerising aesthetic experience, and with longer exposure, one’s idea of a landscape of art begins to shift into a topography of art. Things maps not only the form and aesthetics you encounter through the visual and aural landscape, but also reveals the underlying structure – the topography of the white cube, the intrinsically flawed protocol of presentation, and conventions of spectatorship.
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Exhibitions / 25 Nov 2010 - 19 Feb 2011
The Repetition Festival Show brings together four of Clemens von Wedemeyer’s most celebrated film installations for the first time in Ireland.
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Exhibitions / 25 Nov 2010 ADMISSION FREE
This rich body of work highlights some of the recurring subjects and forms in his films and installations, while also declaring the breadth and diversity of his practice through the constant evolution of artworks.
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Exhibitions / 27 Oct 2010 - 30 Oct 2010 ADMISSION FREE
To coincide with Exhibitions, our current exhibition in the gallery, Nina Beier has collaborated with Aurélien Froment to produce Repertoire on Selected Films and Screen Savers, a four-day film and performance programme in the Cube.
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Exhibitions / 16 Sep 2010 - 13 Nov 2010 ADMISSION FREE
Exhibitions brings together artists whose practices are responsive to politics of display, for whom the practice of exhibition-making is a motivation of their work, and who activate a consideration of the exhibition as medium.
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Exhibitions / 09 Jul 2010 - 04 Sep 2010 ADMISSION FREE
A dark and menacing exhibition, originally inspired by all things Gothic, King Rat presents a series of artworks by some of visual arts most original international voices. The gallery will transform in to a space filled with a sense of unease and discomfort, the stuff that nightmares are made of.
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