Nicoline van Harskamp: Open Call

From 15 February, Project Arts Centre will present the solo exhibition Englishes by Amsterdam-based visual artist Nicoline van Harskamp. Examining the widespread use and modification of the English language by its non-native speakers, the exhibition consists of a series of episodic films comprising interview, performance, and scripted fiction that explore the myriad variations of English spoken between people who do not have any other shared tongue.

In conjunction with the exhibition, we’re delighted to announce that we will also be commissioning a live performance by the artist which to be staged in October 2018, but we need your help.


Conversation: The Cultures of Naming

Venue: Studio 6, Temple Bar Gallery+ Studios
16 February: 7pm – 9pm
21 February: 7.30pm – 9pm
Free admission, all are welcome

In February, as part of her research into the performance piece, Nicoline van Harskamp will host two public conversations on the culture of naming and language, transcripts of which may be incorporated into the script for the final work.

The performance piece, with a working title ‘Who is Your Name,’ consists of  several short monologues about names: how they can be given as well as withdrawn, inflicted, collected, hidden or adapted. Proper names cross boundaries of languages, cultures, religions and nationalities in ways that most other words cannot. The performance will represent stories from inside and outside Ireland, incorporating different proficiency levels, dialects and varieties of language, which will be told in succession, forming a string of naming accounts and anecdotes, much like story-telling sessions or musical improvisation.

Over the course of earlier projects, Nicoline van Harskamp has collected spoken and written accounts of naming histories, both true and fictional ones, and she would like to include naming stories from Dublin too.

If you are interested in taking part in these conversations please sign up by emailing

Special thanks to Temple Bar Gallery+Studios for their support and hosting of the events.

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