New Board Members Announced

Project Arts Centre is delighted to announce our newly appointed Board members Alejandro Llosa and Andrea Williams.

A colour portrait photo of Alejandro Llosa. He is pictured from the shoulders up, leaning towards the camera in a dark room, with his face in focus. He has short hair and light stubble. He looks into the camera with a slight smile. He is wearing a black t-shirt.
Image Credit: Martin Orozco

Alejandro Llosa

Based in Dublin since 2016, Alejandro is a qualified lawyer with more than 17 years of experience. He started his career working for top-tier law firms in Buenos Aires, Argentina, focused on Corporate Law and M&A. He joined Accenture in 2011 and, since then, he has been working in different roles as a Senior Legal Counsel supporting acquisitions and global transactions in the technology and creative services fields. He is also the main legal counsel for Droga5 Dublin, a creative agency part of Accenture Song.

As a musician and guitarist, Alejandro has performed and toured extensively with The League of Crafty Guitarists founded by Robert Fripp and related guitar ensembles, collaborating with contemporary dance companies and other artists. He has also released his own solo album and he is currently working on new material on different music projects.

A colour portrait photo of Andrea Williams. She is pictured from the shoulders up in a dark room, looking off-camera to the left with a thoughtful expression. Her chin is resting on her right hand. She wears a black, long-sleeved, off-the-shoulder top. Her curly hair is tied up in a colourful, patterned scarf. She wears circular earrings and a bunch of bracelets on her right wrist, all of which match her scarf, as does her bright red lipstick.
Image Credit: Kest

Andrea Williams

Andrea Williams is a multidisciplinary CapeVerdean-Irish artist born in Cape Verde who made Ireland home. Coming from a multi-diverse culture she is greatly influenced by many art forms, such as music, dance, film, and visual arts.

Since being in Ireland, Andrea has worked as a dancer, visual artist, performer, costume designer, stylist, and director.

Andrea’s most recent theatre work includes :

– Performer for Hive City Legacy at the Dublin Fringe Festival 2022

– Director for WIP piece entitled EPG (Exploitation, Power, Greed) presented at the Theatre Forum Conference in Cork with music artist Olympio

– Movement Director and Performer for Poet/Performer FELISPEAKS WIP piece called Dubh as Part of Dublin Theatre Festival 2021

– Creative Director and Choreographer for Tolü Makay theatre performance for Cork Midsummer Festival 2022

Andrea has worked with significant artists such as Ed Sheeran, Denise Chaila, Burna Boy, Loah, Tolü Makay, FELISPEAKS, Raphael Olympio, and many others. Last October, she launched her first multimedia exhibition called Undefined at the St. Peters Gallery in Cork where she explored questions of identity and her own heritage.

Andrea has also worked as an actor in short films with director Ignas Laugalis. Their film Swansong was awarded Best Creative Short Film at the Cork Indie Film Festival 2019.

Andrea was Artist in Residence for Cork Midsummer last year on an EU project called Be Part where she delivered dance workshops to children from the Roma community. Most recently, she was awarded the Tales of Two Cities Theatre Residency with The Everyman Cork and Make It Happen Bristol, UK. As a youth worker, she works with different groups, including Cork Migrant Center, supporting teens living in direct provision, South Parish Community supporting LGBTQ Teens, and Music Generation.

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