A message from Project Catalysts Making Strange:

Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by this page to find out how you can support this new project by Making Strange.

About the Show:

Making Strange presents bold new works for the Irish stage by premiering texts that resonate in the contemporary Irish context and moment, and creating original theatrical pieces with a focus on collaboration with international practitioners.

We’re creating a new piece for the Dublin Fringe Festival called You Remember the Stories You Wish Were True. The show takes its point of entry from my own experience of losing the contents of a storage unit in New York City in 2004 that contained just about every physical object I owned at the time—clothes, books, souvenirs, and countless photographs and letters from my life. The experience was so overwhelming that I simply refused to think about what I had lost, choosing instead to just move forward as though it hadn’t happened.

However, the show is not just about the process of self-discovery: the piece is both that story and the process of making and telling that story.  Through an eclectic mashup of different influences, including TED Talks, memoir, Daniel Kitson-like narrative fiction, the science writing of Jonah Lehrer, video, and live music, the show itself will be like what the brain experiences when making new memories and recalling old.

Support Us:

You Remember the Stories You Wish Were True has been developed with and will be directed by Dodd Loomis, who directed and co-created our Fringe Award-winning, world-touring Luck in 2008. We are thrilled to be exploring this material together and expect the piece to be similarly bold and innovative.

To make this play become a reality we need financial assistance to help cover our production costs. Your contribution, no matter how small, will make a huge difference in realising this production.

We would love if you could be a part of this story; your support will go a long way.

Thank you,

Megan Riordan

/Making Strange

 Praise for previous productions by Making Strange:

**** “Vigorously inventive” –Irish Theatre Magazine on Luck

“A hectic thrill that’s hard to resist” Time Out London on Luck

“A compelling & original piece of theatre” Irish Times on Luck

“…resolutely ground-breaking….They are fringe in the truest sense. With companies like Making Strange living up to their name, it seems we might be experiencing the first ripples of a new and much-awaited Irish theatre movement.”–Irish Independent

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