Future Forecast : HAVEN Commissions Announced

Project Arts Centre is delighted to announce the three recipients of the 2020 Future Forecast : HAVEN Commissions: Renèe Helena Browne; Oisín Kearney; Rosaleen McDonagh, Tracy Martin and Noah Halpin.

Future Forecast is a series of events and artistic interventions forming part of a speculative voyage towards the future. Future Forecast is a multiway transmission with 2020+ vision.

We have asked artists to think about community, resistance, solidarity, scale, spectacle, purpose, liveness, ecology, togetherness, sustainability, flexibility, reclamation, autonomy, space to develop, honesty, openness, generosity and spontaneity.

The Future Forecast: HAVEN commissions are valued at €5000 and artists will receive additional production support, promotion and documentation from the Project team.


Browne creates dense, multi-layered works that attend to the biopolitical power of deviant bodies as alternative strategies to being in the world. They connect experiences of transgression and assimilation with fandom through storytelling in the production of films, soundscapes, and drawings. Browne is supported by the Arts Council Visual Art Bursary 2020. 

URANIA is a research and moving image project centered on a journal of the same name published from 1916 to 1940 by artists and activists Eva Gore-Booth, Esther Roper, and Irene Clyde that sought to undermine gender stereotypes and promote the ‘abolition’ of gender. Browne will work with the archive material centering an autoethnographic mode of response. 


Oisín is a writer/director and audio-visual artist represented by Curtis Brown. Writing credits:  The Alternative  (Fishamble’s ‘A Play For Ireland’),  My Left Nut  (‘Show In a Bag’ and BBC Three).  Directing credits: LIE LOW, NEW SPEAK, My Left Nut.  AV credits: 66 DAYS,  Emmy-nominated ELIÁN (Associate Producer),  BOJAYÁ  (Director), and The Alternative (AV Designer). 

Ireland’s border has caused division and isolation. Now, it is Europe’s newest frontier. Drawing on the testimonies of borderlanders, FIELD is a VR experience to reflect on one hundred years of partition, and how the border shaped and still defines the people on this island.  


Activist, playwright and Traveller Rosaleen McDonagh, Artistic Director of Red Bear Productions, Tracy Martin and Noah Halpin, activist for transgender rights and founder of This Is Me – Transgender Healthcare Campaign.  

Tracy Martin & Noah Halpin have teamed up with writer Rosaleen McDonagh to create her new work Contentious Spaces. Performed by Rosaleen and Noah, this urgent script is a brutally honest conversation between two people who find themselves trapped together; bringing up vital questions about who has the right to take up space. 

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