Theatre / 11-13 October 2012


Tickets: 15-20
Show Time: 7.45PM, 11 - 13 OCT 2012

By Zachary Oberszan as part of Dublin Theatre Festival

As children growing up in Maine, Zachary Oberzan and his older brother Gator, used to make home videos parodying scenes from Hollywood movies such as Jean-Claude Van Damme’s karate blockbuster kickboxer and the cult film Faces of Death. Two decades later, Zack has recreated those films, shot for shot, as precisely as possible, but now seen through a twenty-year lens of emotional and physical wear and tear. One brother became an actor and one self-destructed.
An elaborate experiment using the concept of before-and after photographs, your Brother. remember? splices and dices home videos, Hollywood film footage and live performance. Challenging our expectations, Oberzan depicts the peculiar parallels with the life of their hero Van Damme, and explores how the brothers’ paths diverged from the hopes of their past.
Using a personal story as an impulse to call up the human condition, this touching, unique and funny look at innocence and sincerity reveals how these brothers try for one last title shot and redemption.
“If you follow Zachary Oberzan down the rabbit hole, you emerge starry-eyed and wondering.” New York Times
Zachary Oberzan in conversation.
11 October, post-show approx 8.45pm
A co-production by Kunstenfestivaldesarts 2010, Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival, Grand Theater Groningen and Brut Wien.
Performance Dates, Tickets and Information
11 – 13 OCT 2012 ~ Tickets
15 – 20
11 – 12 Oct, 7.45pm
13 Oct, 5.45pm & 7.45pm
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Duration approx 60mins no interval
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Conceived, Directed, Edited and Performed by Zachary and Gator Oberzan
Featuring Gator Ocerzan on video
Lighting, Sound and Video by Thomas Barcal
Assistant Director Nicole Schuchardt

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