Theatre / 05-13 September 2013


Tickets: 14/12/10
Show Time: 1.00pm

What happens when you lose every memento – every photograph, letter, and souvenir – that you held dear?  Can you somehow go back and fill in the gaps? And if so, what are you filling them in with? Megan Riordan and Dodd Loomis, the powerhouse team behind the Fringe winning, world-touring Luck, reunite to tell the true story of such a quest in their signature boldly original style. Mashing up TED Talks, Daniel Kitsonesque storytelling, music, and video, this presentation explores the neurobiology of memory, the tension between our past and present, and the necessary fictions we must tell ourselves to make sense of our lives.
Making Strange is part of Project CATALYST, an initiative of Project Arts Centre. Play development is supported by Fishamble: The New Play Company’s New Play Clinic scheme and Make, a residential workshop facilitated by Cork Midsummer Festival.

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