Talks and Readings / 05-05 June 2012


Show Time: 6:00pm

Visual Arts
Talks & Screening

Yes, We Have No Bananas features a series of performative readings and a short film screening. Scripts will centre around and reference objects. An object sourced by artist Lucy Andrews will also play its part.
Performers and participants include Vaari Claffey, Ronan McCrea and Isabel Nolan, together with appropriately cast members of the visual arts community.
Yes, We Have No Bananas is a free event. No booking required. All welcome.
Yes, We Have No Bananas is presented in conjunction with our current exhibition A MacGiffin and Some Other Things. Find out more about the exhibition here.

“second banana” in general terms, is an actor who plays a subordinate or secondary role; aka second fiddle; in comedies, it refers to a performer who acts as a sidekick, foil or stooge (straight man) to a lead comedian. Examples: Dean Martin was a “second banana” to Jerry Lewis when they were a comic duo; or Bud Abbott to Lou Costello; or Ralph Bellamy to Cary Grant in His Girl Friday (1940); also, Ward Bond as a secondary player in many westerns.

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