Dance / 08-09 January 2015


Tickets: 12/10

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Show Time: 8.00pm

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What happens when equilibrium shifts, do we adapt or do we fall apart?
Two dancers struggle with competing needs for power and companionship, independence and understanding in a light-hearted and energetic duet.
Performed to a live score by Irene Buckley, Wunderbar explores the conditions of harmony and conflict in relationships, testing the ideal of striving for stability.
Wunderbar was first performed as a 15 minute extract at Dublin Dance Festival in May 2014, was developed into a full-length show which premiered at Firkin Crane in September 2014 and has since been performed at Dance Live, Aberdeen.


Written by Laura Murphy and Rob Heaslip
Choreography by Laura Murphy and Rob Heaslip
Music by Irene Buckley
Directed by Tom Creed
Guest dramaturgy by Ailish Claffey
Lighting by Rob Moloney
Set by Tom Creed
Costume by Ailish Claffey
Music by Irene Buckley
Performed by Irene Buckley (live music composition), Rob Heaslip (dancer) and Laura Murphy (dancer)


“…a carefully constructed and impeccably performed investigation into partnerships where the dancers seek equilibrium within shifting personal dynamics.“ The Irish Times
“… it rises through a graceful arc and explodes. These dancers were never going to fall, or let the audience down. ‘Wunderbar’ soars in the memory long after the audience has crashed back to earth.” Stephen D’Arcy Collins, Dublin Dance Festival)


Running time: 40 min

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