02-02 August 2008


Tickets: 8

Filmmaker Julian Cole has known the artists Gilbert & George since he posed for the pair as a model in 1986. Eighteen years ago he began filming the footage that now appears in this cinematic portrait, which captures the duo’s career over four decades. Despite early critical hostility, the couple persevered with a vision to make art about life and not art about art (“If a child comes into a gallery he should be able to understand us.”) and Cole takes us on a journey from these modest beginnings to their current status as beloved Art Stars. As Part of the GAZE Queer Heroes strand, With Gilbert & George depicts how these two artists have successfully transcended all cultural barriers through their creative philosophy of “Art for All”. We follow them to exhibitions in Russia and China and get a glimpse into their inner sanctum: the famous studio in Spitalfields, where they have been living and working together since 1969. The 16th Dublin International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival One of the strongest showcases of new LGBT cinema in Europe, the Dublin International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival provides a great focal point to meet, discuss and enjoy great queer cinema from home and around the world

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