Theatre / 26-29 September 2013


Tickets: 20.00 - 25.00
Show Time: 7.45pm

Winners and Losers begins as a conversation between lifelong friends. Theatre artists Marcus Youssef and James Long sit at a table and play a game they made up; naming people, places and things and debating if they are winners or losers.
But as the competition heats up things get personal. The focus of debate shifts from Pamela Anderson, microwave ovens and Goldman Sachs to social class and family histories, and the ruthless logic of capitalism that the players had embraced is brought to bear on their closest and most personal relationships.
Combining scripted and improvised performance, Winners and Losers questions how much a friendship can bear in the face of such stark honesty.
“Hands down, one of the most innovative, interesting and brutal theatre pieces I’ve ever seen” Jo Ledingham
There will be a post-show discussion with Marcus Youssef and James Long following the 7.45pm performance on 28 September.

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