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The THEATREclub ensemble spent 12 weeks in both Sundial House and Back Lane, holding workshops for the service users, earlier this year. These commissions are personal artistic responses of what they took from their time spent there. Lauren Larkin presents Is she getting anywhere?
You just keep going around and around and around. It’s like a hamster wheel. You can’t get off. You think you’re going somewhere but you’re not going anywhere. Rob, score, use. Rob, score, use. I have the same things in my pocket that I had when I was 14.”
Mark Kenny said this to Lauren in a rehearsal room in 2010.
It has really stayed with her. She wants to know why people are ADDICTED.
SHE WILL WALK. She will eat food, listen to erotic music and drink cans of heineken.
She WILL JOG. She will have a few smokes and read a lot of books.
SHE WILL RUN. She will run as fast as she possibly can to try to understand why some people just can’t get of the hamster wheel.
Will she get anywhere?

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