Kind Words Spoken

★★★★ “Brims with a wild, sexy energy that hits like a tsunami.” Arts review 

★★★  “Slick, crude and often disturbingly heartless...The Breadline Collective's mission statement is to take down the middle-class gauze from Irish theatre. After an hour in the company of Zara, Kelis & Amber, the only possible verdict is: mission accomplished." Sunday Business Post 

The Breadline Collective


Well That’s What I Heard 

Dates: 16 Dec - 21 Dec

Show Time: 7.45pm (Matinee, 2.30pm) 

Tickets: €16-18

Welcome to the Blessed Virgin Community School, the establishment responsible for seasoning the cardboard bland cottage pie that is Sean McDermott Street with a beaushiful selection of bedroom DJ’s, gangland tearaways and Crayola MUA’s. Behind these walls, social hierarchy is king, Instagram is queen and no Princess is safe. Join Zara,Kelis and Amber as they duck and dive their way through school, parties, InstaFollowers and the brutal reign of Tell.Com. 

Big, Bold
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Written & Directed by TKB
Cast: Courtney Black, Ciara Ivie, Ericka Roe
Set Design: Laura Honan
Lighting Design: Eoin Byrne
Composer: Sam Hardiman
Costume Design: Thommas Kane Byrne
Costume Construction: Mono & Lilo
Photographer: Gustavo Bandeira

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