Performance / 17 September - 14 January 2006


Tickets: 10

Dancers in the mindless hands of bickering channel surfers. From a back stage screen two elderly “couch potatoes” zap from programme to programme, vainly searching to settle on something to stave off their boredom. From football to commercials, graphic news to trite talk shows, love stories to fictional horror their choices collide in an antagonistic personal duel. At the command of the remote control four dancers take on the life of the programmes, switching this way and that with lightning virtuosity and great technical skill. This is a playful, ironic comment on the real and the virtual.
Helene Weinzierl danced for Rosas, Bruno Genty and Robert Bexler before founding Compagnie Laroque in 1995.
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Cie Laroque-Austria
Dublin Fringe Festival

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