07-22 November 2008


Tickets: 22

It really is hard to get ahead without a nose. And it makes things even tougher when the nose in question is gallivanting round town, proving a real hit with the ladies.

Six years after storming onto the scene with the multi award-winning Candide, The Performance Corporation make their eagerly-awaited return to Project Arts Centre with a riotous new version of Gogol’s surreal satire on greed, lust and pride. This is a rare chance to catch one of Ireland’s most consistently innovative and entertaining companies performing within the four walls of a theatre.

The site-specific specialists have recently wowed audiences with the high-speed car stunts of Drive-By, the gothic promenade of Dr Ledbetter’s Experiment and the dune-diving fun of Lizzie Lavelle and the Vanishing of Emlyclough.

Directed by Jo Mangan and written by Tom Swift

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