Performance / Theatre / 27 September - 14 January 2005


Tickets: 10

In a remote provincial health clinic the beds are empty and the three duty nurses bored. As they await instructions that never seem to arrive, they instinctively revert to do what they know best: pain relief. But who should suffer the pain for the others to relieve?
This raw, exuberant and powerful show is filled with loving humanity and insanely huge doses of angry energy. Through pitiless observations and surreal situations, immediate physicality and nonsense languages that somehow make perfect sense, the company creates compelling physical images of a tyrannically molesting nurse and her two colleagues isolated within strange hospital walls.
Jo Stromgren Kompani is one of the most significant independent companies in Scandinavia. It has been a playground for different styles and crossover ideas, from film to puppet theatre to live music events to text based theatre to more abstract dance.
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Jo Strømgren Kompani – Norway
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