27-27 November 2004


Tickets: 19

<!– /* Font Definitions */ @font-face @font-face @font-face /* Style Definitions */ p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal p @page Section1 div.Section1 /* List Definitions */ @list l0 @list l0:level1 @list l0:level2 ol ul –> The festival aims to create an active, sustainable underground DIY community in Dublin through the various hands-on workshops, discussions, live bands and video showings. The workshops will cover various ‘How To’ topics such as: ‘Start a Band’, ‘Organize An Event’, ‘Make/Distribute A Zine’, ‘Bike Safety & Maintenance’ and ‘Vegetarian Health and Cooking’. There will also be a number of ‘Poster Workshops’, and food will be provided by Food Not Bombs.


* 11am – 2:30pm WORKSHOPS (half-hour each)

o BAND – How to start, get gigs, record & set-up a tour

o ZINE – How to make, how to improve & how to get distribution

o EVENT – How to organize an event/gig

oCYCLING – Why you should ride a bike, bike safety and general maintenance

o FOOD – General vegetarian health & cooking

* 2:30pm – 4:30pm FOOD, STALLS, TALK & DISCUSSIONS

Poster workshops

o Stencils

o Screen Printing

o Flyer Making

o Block Printing

* 4:30pm FILM – Pickaxe (90 mins)

* 6:05pm FILM – DIY or DIE (55mins)

* 7:30pm BAND – Tbc

* 8pm FILM – Breaking the Spell (60 mins)

* 9pm BAND – Tbc

* 9:30pm FILM – Between Resistance + Community: The Long Island DIY Punk Scene (44 mins)

* 10:30pm BAND – Tbc

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