20-21 December 2007


Tickets: 12

A young woman struggles to retrieve her memory. In dreams, flashes and fragments she offers us glimpses of a nightmare world where ritual and symbol seem to hold actual power. Who is the mysterious father/magician figure? What does it mean to be considered only half human? What does it take to become autonomous, self-defining? Is this island an actual place? Who is Miranda? Quick Bright Things, an Arts & Disability Ireland project supported by The Arts Council, is an ensemble of actors with intellectual disabilities based at Carmona Services, Glenageary. In Tempest! they rise to the challenge of surpassing the success of their previous work at Project Arts Centre By Moonlight with this innovative deconstruction of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The show features a sound-scape by Karl Burke. Director DECLAN DROHAN

Music & Soundscape KARL BURKE Cast


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