Special Event / 05-06 April 2016


Show Time: 12pm - 3pm

Please click here for the 2016 café!
Our Table is a celebration of food traditions from a variety of countries.
The two-day pop-up café aims to:

  • highlight the fact that people in direct provision are not allowed to cook for themselves
  • show how this impacts on family and cultural identity
  • create awareness around the risk of this wealth of food knowledge being lost to the next generation

The café menu will be devised and cooked each day by people in direct provision. There will also be a drop-in area in the foyer with hot drinks and cake from various nations such as robooish, chai and honey and mint tea.
There will be a suggested donation of €2 for the drinks but it will mainly be a place where people can chat, interact and find out about more about direct provision.
There’s also an option for full lunch, if you’re feeling extra hungry! Tables can also be booked through The Cake Café. People with booked tickets will be seated for a three course meal.
The Cake Café encourages the public to donate flowers from their garden to decorate the table.
Money raised will go to cover costs of participants’ travel, food and equipment; excess will go to the Refugee Council of Ireland.

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